Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Devilish by Maureen Johnson

The only thing that makes St. Teresa's Preparatory School for Girls bearable for Jane is her best friend Ally. But when Ally changes into a whole different person literally overnight the fall of their senior year, Jane's suddenly alone--and very confused.
Turns out, Ally has sold her soul in exchange for popularity--to a devil masquerading as a sophomore at St. Teresa's! Now it's up to Jane to put it all on the line to save her friend from this ponytail-wearing, cupcakenibbling demon . . .

Moonlight Readers Review:

I througholy enjoyed this novel, it involved a unique mix of supernatural, romance and friendships. The main character Jane Jarvis is put through the hardship of her friend Aly selling her soul. Maureen Johnson portrays her characters with many lifelike qualities that make the likable and easy to relate too. If you hae ever experianced a friendship gone bad in any way or feel tied by the reins of populaity,I highly recomend this read.

Memrable Quotes:

"This was true. I was named for Jane Grey, and my sister was named for Joan of Arc. Both great women of history - both met very bad ends. I don't know what my parents were trying to tell us with that one."

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paperxxflowers said...

Do you have an email I could contact you at, hunn?

TinaFerraro said...

Sounds great. I've got 2 of Maureen Johnson's books in my to-be-read pile...looks like I have to add this one!

Moonlight Reader said...
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softindierocker said...

Cool blog, and a great review! I liked this book but it wasn't my favorite from Maureen. =) I love the whole playlist thing! =D

~Lucy D =)

Emilla said...

Tha book sounds good! You have an awesome blog!!